Move From Clutter to Calm with Diane Halfman

Have you ever read a magazine article or book on how to get organized?  Did you finish it and say “that sounds good, but it will not work for me”? Good! That’s where I come in. I help you develop a system that works for you. This isn’t a cookie cutter program that gives you general tips.  I design a process where you keep what you love and get rid of the rest. Completely customized solutions for what fits your life.

  • How much time have you lost looking for your keys?
  • How much time have you lost looking for that one piece of paper that you just had yesterday?
  • How frustrated were you when you couldn’t find something that you really needed right away?
  • How many times have you had to pay a late fee because a bill was overdue?

Want to find out the areas in your life where clutter is costing you the MOST. Take the Free Clutter Awareness Quiz and learn exactly where you may need to focus first to reduce the clutter in your life.

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Services to help you move from clutter to calm:

  • Home and Office
  • Pre-Move and Post-Move
  • Downsizing
  • Create sustainable systems
  • Time Management
  • Speaking and Workshops
  • Space Planning

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