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Released July 15, 2021

IMPACT: Inspiring Motivational Powerful Acronyms for Cognitive Thinking

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Inspiring Motivational Powerful Acronyms for Cognitive Thinking

Acronyms and abbreviations have become a part of everyday dialect. They are used in both personal and professional communication to drive an idea home and make it easier to remember while also saving time. In a world of more readily available information at times the sheer wealth of ideas to which we are exposed can be overwhelming. Condensing a concept to a handful of letters alleviates the stress of combining individual ideas into one. The goal of this first volume is to share thoughts, ideas and concepts that will have a profound impact on your daily life, whether business or professional. You will find that one simple acronym can make the difference and have the IMPACT you have been looking for but were struggling to find until now.

Feauturing chapters by Alec Stern, A.N.M.N.N by Alec Stern, Moneeka Sawyer, Chris Naugle, Kerstin O’Shields, James Dentley, Lou Edwards, Bill Walsh, Steve Sims, Regeline “Gigi” Sabbat, Shannon Parsons, Susan Zimmerman, Chip Hopper, Dr. Rolanda Schmidt “Dr. Ro”, Colleen Biggs, Theresa Goss, Paul Spiers, Sallie Wagner, Rob Angel, Allison Larsen, Paul Finck, Brooke Heym, Christoff J. Weihman, Ken “Dr. Smiley” Rochon, Jr. PhD., Jennifer J. Hammond, Diane Halfman, Jen Du Plessis, Ben Ward, Karolina Hobson, Jeff Hoffman, Charlie Cina, and Dr. Greg Reid.

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