Giving Back

When I was a San Diego Police Officer, I worked uniformed patrol as well as undercover as a prostitute to hunt serial killers. I experienced a unique behind the scenes look at what was happening on the street. When I retired, I didn’t see myself getting involved with the underbelly of life again. There is a lot of gaslighting in the operation of selling children and it can be challenging to discern between awareness and who is actually helping children. I too have been tricked into what organizations legitimately help versus those who are the hidden in plain site part of the problem. We all need to do our due diligence. I’m always looking for ways to support saving the children, and I believe Madyson Marquette is leading the way to make a real difference. Please make a donation today.


All proceeds go to protecting the children rescued from Human Trafficking. If you want to actually help real victims please help us by donating. While all these organizations are making millions the ones truly helping are closing their doors or struggling to make ends meet for these babies. Please share, please donate. It’s much appreciated

CDV provides life-changing support for orphaned and abandoned children in Baja, Mexico by funding local orphanages, providing quality of life improvement services and investing in the children’s future by funding higher education. 

Through our life-sustaining program we provide monthly funding for the orphanages under our care. These orphanages give abandoned children security, nutrition, shelter and access to a reliable education.

We also fund scholarships for teens aging out of the orphanage system to continue their education. 

We are on a mission to end child abandonment by breaking the vicious cycle of poverty.


Why Corazon De Vida is important to me:

In 2015, I visited one of the Baja orphanages as the Goodwill Ambassador for Karma International. Our group brought supplies and play games with the children. I was so impressed with the love, joy and happiness the children had for each other, how the older children helped the younger children and how much the staff created a safe environment and poured love into these children. I became a monthly donor that day and continue to give to this beautiful organization.  


The Durkin IMPACT Foundation is raising money for scholarships to non-privileged, under-served student-athletes going to college who exemplify the qualities, traits, work ethic, and attitude of an “IMPACT” person. 

Our funding priorities help those in need who are affected by natural disasters, childhood obesity, and diseases such as heart disease, disability, and cancer. Check out all the ways to take part in the fun! 

Our Mission: The Durkin IMPACT Foundation was established to motivate, educate, and inspire people to be their best, to foster a spirit of giving back and paying forward, and to create a positive IMPACT in the world.

Why The Durkin IMPACT Foundation is important to me:

I have been a member of Fitness Quest 10 performance center, aka “The Sanctuary” for over 14 years. I have been impacted by the positivity in mind, body and soul. This is a foundational ritual for me to fill me up so I have the energy, strength and drive to be my best self which includes epic health. Being my best self allows me to serve on a deeper level to share love and wisdom with the people I am meant to support, guide and lead to be their best self. 



We engage influencers, educators, and peer groups to help young people discover those core activities in their lives that uplift, inspire, and motivate them — to find their ‘Natural High’ rather than use alcohol or drugs.

We provide content and action steps that are easy, fun, and effective. We share materials for free and encourage our community to use us as an ongoing resource with no associated costs. Our curriculum meets Common Core standards. Six basic principles guide everything that we do.

Why Natural High is important to me:

One of my assignments on the police department was a Juvenile Suppression Team (JST) officer assigned to work with high school students. I was also a  trained DARE officer with the well known slogan of “Just Say No” to drugs. Although that program allowed me to teach and connect with middle school kids and answer their questions, I often wondered why the focus was on a negative. If we were teaching kids to say no, what were they saying Yes to? When I was connected with Natural High in 2017 I found the program that teaches kids to say Yes to life in an inspiring and motivating way. I got to spend time with the founder, Jon Sundt, and see his passion for kids to thrive.