Turning Pain into Passion for Helping Others - with Elizabeth Frazier

happiness positive disruptors Aug 19, 2020

Elizabeth Frazier is a wife, mom, friend, empath and sex trafficking survivor.

Despite being sold for sex for nearly 20 years, she has turned that pain into a passion for helping others.

In 2016 she started a company called Hero Bands to bring awareness and hope to others.

Named after the heroes in her life that helped her survive, Hero Bands was created to ease people's heartache, no matter what caused the pain.

Elizabeth loves music (especially Kelly Clarkson), having dance parties in the kitchen with her family, and hiding in her room eating treats and watching shows.

Elizabeth lives in California with her husband and 5 children.

Important Topics

  • Understanding the power of words
  • On being positive to be more empowered
  • What are “Hero Bands” T
  • alking about sex trafficking
  • How she helps people
  • Her advice for victims of sex trafficking and how to get through it
  • How she spends time with her kids
  • How she incorporates music in her daily life
  • On depression
  • Talking to God in different ways


"Life is changing and it will get better.""
"Make the best choices as you can. If you make choices that add shame to your life, try to let that go because that’s going to drag you down."

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