The Wealthy Life Mentor - with Anjel B Hartwell

force for good wealth Jan 27, 2021

Anjel B Hartwell, known as The Wealthy Life Mentor, is an internationally known artist, author & evolutionary alchemist.

Honored as a Be The Change “Movement To Watch” Award Winner and considered one of America’s Premier Experts, she has appeared multiple times in the major media and is the Creator, Executive Producer & Host of the Apple #1 Internationally ranked Wickedly Smart Women Podcast and is hired to consult with high achieving leaders who are called to be the Vanguard of the Creative Age.

Important Topics

  • What are the things she did to consciously create her life
  • How she creates excitement on what people do with their life
  • Her definition of wealth
  • 5 areas that she identified in wealthy life
  • Her methodology of having a wealthy life
  • The 5 ways to ward off wealth
  • Overcoming fear in dreams
  • Her favorite room in her home and why
  • The most disempowering moments in her journey
  • On changing her name
  • How is she being a force for good in the world


"Understanding on what's not working and getting clear on what it is I want."
"Gratitude is the currency of the universe and currency is gratitude in action."

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