The Warrior for The Lord Jesus Christ - with Jessie Czebotar

force for good spiritual Apr 14, 2021


Jessie Czebotar was supposed to be the Queen Mother of Darkness who handed over the System to the antichrist in April of 2020.

This did not happen because Jessie is a warrior for The Lord Jesus Christ and has stood in her faith boldly, face to face with Satan on the battlefield from age 3 to present day.

She is the author of His Kingdom Comes in Power: The Battle. Jessie fights for victims of trauma to restore their quality of life.

Important Topics 

  • Jessie's background and the journey that brought her here
  • Why people are starting to listen more now on the things that are happening
  • How she takes the evil seriously that it’s happening in the world -On their team and programs
  • The people they are working with to allow these things to happen -What “Cover the Earth” is
  • What the Book of Revelations says about the End Time
  • What are the things happening in Israel that happened in Scripture -Her advice to people for protection
  • What are the programs they're working to equip, prepare and to give us courage
  • What to look for on the next episode


 "You need to come to that place of trusting the lord where he will guide you and lead you as you pray in what to do."

"If you really study the scriptures, you know and understand what's supposed to come and what's going to happen."

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