The Power of Having a Purpose Behind Your Pursuits - with Renee Teller

motivation positive disruptors May 14, 2020

Renee was a single mom who had a vision for the life she wanted for herself and her so

She pursued that vision with unwavering determination, and by doing so, was able to make it to the top of a male-dominated industry and then retire by age 38!

THAT is the power of having a purpose behind your pursuits.

She’s worked as a CPA, a partner in a Commercial RE Development Firm and CEO of the Wellness Center she started after her mom’s terminal cancer journey.

She and her husband also own a commercial construction company.

Today, Renée is a life strategist who works with motivated, ambitious individuals to realize their life purpose and create an executable plan to achieve it.

You have this ONE life - and Renée will help you make it spectacular!


  • On having a purpose behind pursuits
  • How she found her purpose
  • Her transition from traditional business to wellness
  • Practices and things she does that allow her to be more intentional
  • Her morning ritual
  • How to get to that one spectacular life that you want to live
  • Giving time to remove yourself


"We were created to be relational beings."
"You'll get the wisdom when you're still enough to listen."

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