The Interrelational Dynamics of Touch - with Sophie Fletcher!

force for good health spiritual Sep 01, 2021


Sophie Fletcher is dedicated to helping people gain greater freedom within themselves throughout all levels of their being.

She grew up as part of a spiritual community and spent most of her life wanting to "transcend the body" until after earning her first master's degree in Spiritual Psychology she realized that the body actually held the key to true healing.

Sophie went on to do a second Master's and her Ph.D. in Depth Psychology with an emphasis in Somatic Studies where her dissertation explored the Interrelational Dynamics of Touch. 

Through utilizing multiple bodywork modalities, Somatic Experiencing, breathwork, and energetic clearing techniques Sophie focus on tapping into the unconscious by attending to what comes forward through the innate wisdom of the client’s body.

Important Topics 

  • How she decided to focus on Interrelational Dynamics of Touch
  • What Peripersonal space is -Our connection to technology
  • How she came up with Interrelational Dynamics of Touch
  • How does an environment come into play with the healing process
  • Why it's important to guard your space
  • Her story on being severely dyslexic when she was young
  • The ramification of people having disconnection for so long during the Pandemic 
  • How she is a "Force For Good" in the world


“The body will have its own story.”

“Touch is bi-directional and it’s the only sense that is bi-directional.”

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