Taking Ownership of Your Life - with Dr Theresa Larson

health positive disruptors Aug 12, 2020

Dr. Theresa Larson DPT, is a Marine Corps officer turned Doctor of Physical Therapy. Her whole mission is to empower individuals and companies with the knowledge and tools to achieve a lifetime of physical freedom.

She does this with her Movement Rx Team via education, telehealth, and online wellness programs.

She is married to her love, Per, has a beautiful boy Magnus who is 3 years old, and is expecting her second son June 29th.

She loves lifting weights, climbing mountains, snowboarding, and enjoying quiet time in her garden.

Important Topics:

  • What Physical Freedom means
  • Talking about her books
  • How to utilize those books as an empowerment tools
  • Movement Rx's mission
  • Take ownership of your life
  • Meditation and journaling
  • On being a positive disruptor
  • Her favorite room and why


"Movement is a lifestyle."


The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson - https://www.amazon.com/Subtle-Art-Not-Giving-Counterintuitive-ebook/dp/B019MMUA8S

Rising Strong by Brené Brown - https://www.amazon.com/Rising-Strong-Ability-Transforms-Parent/dp/081298580X 

Warrior by Dr. Theresa Larson - https://www.amazon.com/Warrior-Memoir-Theresa-Larson/dp/0062399489 

Connect with Dr. Theresa:

Movement Rx - https://movement-rx.com

Dr. Theresa Larson - https://DrTheresaLarson.com 

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