Secrets to Build a Happy Relationship - with Angeline M Hart

happiness positive disruptors Sep 09, 2020

Angeline M Hart is a speaker, relationship coach, and author the Amazon bestseller, "Gorillas Make Great Lovers!

Women, who are successful in the careers, but frustrated with their personal relationships come to her for empowerment in attracting good men and building long-term loving relationships.

Using her unique Gorilla Love System™ Angeline helps women create a Paradigm Shift in the way they see men.

This shift creates a change in energy which automatically draws the type of partner she really wants.

It feels almost like magic!

Women who have said, "I can't find any good men" now declare they see them everywhere.

Although Angeline's first marriage ended in divorce, she has learned the "secrets" that build a happy relationships.

She's married to her "Ideal Man" Dixon and states their 28-year marriage gets sweeter and juicier every year!

Important Topics

  • What a Gorilla Love System is
  • How they came up with the title of her book, "Gorillas Make Great Lovers!"
  • Lessons she learned from her first marriage
  • How she consciously creating their life
  • How she handles fear What their mission is


“No one knows what is best for you than you.”

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