Rising Above Challenges: Insights on Tapping into Inner Resilience w/ Michelle Calvillo

leadership positive disruptors Jul 11, 2023


In this episode of the Live Your SPAlife Podcast, Diane is joined by Michelle Calvillo. Michelle is a resilient and determined individual who has not let her struggles with severe dyslexia hold her back from success. She found her strength in building connections and collaboration, leading her to a 25-year career in designing and developing revenue-driving programs and events for organizations like IBM and Zoom.

Important Topics 

A clear vision for the future
Different ways of expression
Takeaways from experiences
Michelle’s challenges
Experience distinction
Michelle’s greatest teacher on authentic living
Lessons on personal journeys
Favorite room
Surprising facts about Michelle
What gives Michelle hope?
Is Michelle living an intentional life today?  


[12:23] “I think that we sometimes miss out on amazing people because we disqualify them before we even open the door to find out who they are.”

[19:05] “We should all be looking at how we can help others get further in their lives.”

[23:03] “I'm grateful that I've had the opportunity to have people hold that space for me to find who I am and to celebrate each phase of my journey with me.”


Links and Resources:

Michelle’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michelle-bordieri-calvillo-5144331/ 

9 Secrets to Step Into Your Spa Life - http://www.dianehalfman.com/guide/ 

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