New Ways to Use Your Journal - with Casey Hasten

freedom fighter motivation positive disruptors Feb 23, 2022


Casey Hasten is the Director of Recruiting and Coaching with VIP, Podcast Host of the We Are VIP Podcast, Journal Junkie, and the Networking Ninja.

Her mission is to help raise the consciousness of the world by helping those she touches learn to be at choice.

To accomplish this mission, she focuses on the importance of mindset first and foremost and teaches her clients how to live “at choice” and how to co-create their own reality through managing perceptions.

This has led to her most recent passion and project, the Awaken: Your Potential Journal.

She has designed this journal based on her many years of journaling and her desire was to create a combined journal for all areas of your life.

Tools Casey uses to move past fear and into being more fierce and on path:

  • Meditation and Mindfulness
  • Journaling
  • Recognizing the scripts in my mind and asking the question "Is this true?" 
  • Goal setting • Knowledge, constantly seeking answers

Important Topics 

  • How the Awaken: Your Potential Journal is so unique
  • Habit Stacking
  • Authenticity as a #1 Core Value


Connect with Casey
Instagram: @caseychasten
Instagram: @DestinationAwake

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