Living Your Life On Terms - with Meg Conkling

happiness positive disruptors Apr 29, 2020

Meg Conkling is a professional hairstylist, salon owner, and business coach for salon owners.

She thrives off being service helping others find their joy and living a life of authenticity.

She exclusively works with naturally curly hair clients and absolutely loves what she does.

Known on the social media platforms as Curly Hair Alchemist Meg is telling her stories with love and moxie.

Important Topics

  • Meg's favorite story
  • Living life in her terms
  • Her definition of luxury
  • On her values
  • On social media
  • Talking about her airport incident
  • The moment she feel disempowered


"Luxury is a choice."
"Social media actually brings people together."
"Little things matter."

Connect with Meg:

Instagram: @curlyhairalchemist
Email: [email protected] 

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