Let’s Talk About Fear and Money - with Margo Masri

positive disruptors wealth May 06, 2020

As a multiple award-winning accounting firm, MM Accounting and CFO solutions offers highly-customized financial services, specifically designed to take your business to the next level and beyond.

Utilizing cutting-edge accounting techniques and drawing on a wealth of industry-specific experience, MM Accounting is your trusted partner for enhanced growth, increased automation and efficiency, and a truly class leader customer experience.

Important Topics:

  • How she helped her clients to enhance their growth
  • Finding out people's fear
  • How she navigates fear in her own life
  • The importance of having a time for self-care
  • Her dream clients
  • Working on her own terms
  • Her disempowering moment


"There's nothing like living your vision and being able to help someone else."
"People don't realize that numbers are their friend."

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