Human Trafficking - A Fascinating Look Inside with Cheryl Hunter

force for good motivation Jan 20, 2021

Cheryl Hunter is a bestselling author and speaker who shares her story worldwide on major media sources including People Magazine, Dr. Phil, NBC News, Dr. Oz, CNN, Fox, and PBS.

Cheryl didn’t set out with a story to share, but while traveling abroad as a teenager, she was kidnapped for trafficking by two criminals who held her captive, tortured her, and eventually left her for dead.

Cheryl survived this life-changing trauma and used her experience to help people know that they can rise after facing adversity.

Now, realizing the power that stories have to change the world, Cheryl helps others get their stories and businesses in front of millions using major media.

Important Topics

  • How she decided to share her story
  • Seeing people who gone with the same thing with different perspective -
  • On dealing with survival issues
  • How to help people understand that this can happen to anyone
  • On building resilience in our kids
  • What we can do to make our place safe
  • On following your intuition
  • On controlling the things that we can control
  • Favorite room in her home
  • How we can empower survivors of trafficking


"It's my sacred duty now to lend my voice to this conversation to humanize the conversation."
"Encourage our girls to start to dig deep to find those things about themselves that cannot be take away."
"We've become the five people that we spend the most time with."

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