How to Use Self Awareness Technology - with Kristi Holt

happiness positive disruptors Sep 23, 2020

Kristi Holt is a bootstrap entrepreneur, wife, and mother of 4.

After years of personal experience and research in neuroscience and human behavior, she went on to build an innovative voice technology that uses the vibration of your voice to give biofeedback on your emotional and mental well being.

Her self-awareness technology brings many to know and observe what they feel and how their thoughts, feelings, and actions create the life you desire.

Her business strategy has radically transformed businesses and the lives of those who have used her tool. Her book, “The Daily Vibe Journal” has shed light on emotions and how to build a healthy relationship with each one of them to help people along their self-awareness journey.

Important Topics:

  • Self-awareness technology
  • The frequency of complete vibration
  • Understanding self-empowerment
  • How to express your emotions
  • How she manages fear
  • Connection between trust and loneliness


"Emotions are always a harmony."

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