How to Use Everyday Physics to Flourish - with Jennifer Hough

health positive disruptors Sep 16, 2020

Jennifer Hough was a corporate economist for a large multinational company until she got physically sick (migraines, depression and fibromyalgia) from toxic exposure.

Jennifer watched her life fall into effort and struggle.

She then traveled the world and worked with scientists, doctors, mystics and spiritual leaders, who corroborated the tie between our vitality, our abundance, our ability to flow and the laws of physics, and made an astounding full recovery.

Her relentless journey to fully heal showed her that understanding the relationship of physics to life not only affected her health, but also her finances, business, energy and communication.

She became passionate about developing leading-edge systems to assist her clients to achieve quantum leap results in all areas of life.

Her joy now is to take her clients on an experiential journey into the use of everyday physics to shift their ability to flourish in business, body, and abundance.

Important Topics

  • How she got into the world of physics
  • What’s an example of what’s possible when you are living the principles you’ve learned
  • The difference between Thriving and Just Surviving
  • Why don’t people Thrive
  • What’s a practice anyone can start today to start living in a Thriving O/S

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