How to Use Complexity to Change your Health and Wellbeing - with Dr Mickra Hamilton

positive disruptors Jul 15, 2020

 Dr. Mickra Hamilton is the Co-Founder and CEO of Apeiron Zoh Inc, a Precision Performance Ecosystem that Curates Limitless Expression.

She works with aware individuals, conscious corporations and international organizations to create system enhancements to drive impact and create global change.

A highly decorated retired Colonel, Hamilton spent 30 years in the USAFR, as a Systems Strategist and Human Performance Subject Matter Expert.

She skillfully works with data driven precision for a complex systems approach to optimize human and corporate performance and potential.

Her work as a creative disruptor in the field of Precision Performance has informed a new paradigm of what is possible for human and organizational flourishing.

Important Topics:

  • Complex systems approach
  • Limitless lens of possibility
  • Creating anti-fragility in all aspects of her life
  • What ant-fragile is
  • Generation Global Precision Health Ecosystem
  • Collaborating with private and government sectors that brings solution to the planet

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