How to Survive and Thrive After Ritual and Sadistic Abuse - with Jean Gray

force for good positive disruptors Jul 28, 2021


Jean is an ordinary person who survived ritual and sadistic abuse.

She came forward as a witness to the kind of abuse that is real and to support others who have been through similar situations.

Jean is working toward an LCSW, (Licensed Clinical Social Worker), so that she can counsel those who have lived through trauma.

Important Topics 

  • Her experience being trafficked by her family
  • What are the coping mechanisms that she had then and still uses now as an adult to move past fear
  • How her grandmother was supporting her
  • Disempowering moments and experiences that she had growing up
  • Her experience when her mother killed her twin
  • On her having Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)
  • What she remembers when her mother killed a boy
  • What are the coping skills that helped her get through an abusive childhood
  • What Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is and how to do it
  • What her favorite room is and why
  • What people can do to support survivors
  • What pele should do if they suspect a sign of abuse
  • How is she a Force For Good in the world


 “Stand up and speak out. Even if you only think it might be happening. Stand up and speak out!”

“Every religion has its bad eggs and every religion has people who are being abused.”

“I’m being a Force For Good by speaking for those who still cannot.”

Connect with Jean

Send me an email and I will forward to Jean for you two to connect. [email protected]

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