How To Step Up Into Your Own Power To Rise Up - with Maruxa Murphy

motivation positive disruptors Jul 01, 2020

Maruxa Murphy is a bringer together of incredible people, a serial entrepreneur, mom and wife.

She's the creator of Perky Perky Coffee, a coffee company aimed at inviting women to step into their power from the moment they wake up!

She also owns a marketing consulting practice with her husband Dennis to support their clients with learning how to create engaged and profitable audiences.

You can check out the coffee company at or check out her most recent course on inviting you to create your own profitable audience at

Important Topics

  • Shifting how she’s doing life and business
  • Practices ad rituals that keep herself grounded to focus on what she needs to
  • Speaking as her superpower
  • Any patterns she noticed in what's coming up for her of how things have shifted
  • Shifts and changes that she will continue to implement
  • Her favorite room and why
  • The inspiration around Perky Perky Coffee


"It's ok to feel unsettled."

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