How to Speak Your Truth - with Kimberlin Brown Pelzer

force for good May 26, 2021


Kimberlin Brown, the actress better known as Sheila Carter on the Bold & the Beautiful and Young & the Restless.

She is also a businesswoman that employs over 150 people, farmer of avocados, philanthropist, and the list goes on and on!

Important Topics 

  • On her villainous role and what she learned from Sheila Carter
  • How she addresses the fear that is happening
  • On speaking your truth -Her advice to small business to maneuver through tough times
  • Her advice to the listeners on doing the things that you love
  • What has helped her to have the sustainability to keep her family together
  • What is her favorite room and why
  • What took her to donate her bone marrow twice
  • What she has coming up in the near future
  • How is she a “Force For Good” in the world


 “We all can convince ourselves of anything.”
“You learn from other people’s mistakes”
“Negativity loves to bring down positivity.”
“Stay true to yourself, always speak the truth, and your story never changes.”

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