How to Set Your Soul Free - with Shellie Nelson

positive disruptors spiritual Apr 08, 2020

Shellie is highly intuitive and has been seeing energy and ghosts her whole life. She has actively been on a conscious spiritual path since the age of 17.

She has the ability to see the soul of a person.

It is her desire to help people bring the greatness of their soul into their human awareness and physical life.

Shellie Nelson has facilitated workshops and worked privately with individuals for the past 22 years.

Shellie uses her unique intuitive abilities to assist others in transforming their lives and move into a place of empowerment and self-love.

Important Topics:

  • Shellie's experiences as a child How she uses her intuitive ability to help people transform their lives
  • Soul journaling
  • Knowing and knowledge Fear as an indicator or feedback
  • On people she worked with
  • On evolution and death
  • Her disempowering moments


"Intuition and imagination travel to the same channels in the mind."
"Take the first step. No more, no less and the next step will be revealed."

Connect with Shellie:

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Email - [email protected]

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