How to Say Yes to Love Even When Logic Says No - with Larry Indiviglia!

motivation positive disruptors Dec 16, 2020

 Larry Indiviglia wrote “126 Days, 11 Minutes ...Our Love Story” to honor the life of Gayle and their love for each other.

He hopes his book inspires others to say "Yes" to love even when logic says "No."

Larry believes there are many beautiful souls who are looking to discover and experience unconditional love.

His book shows it IS possible.

Larry is President of INDsightsForLife, Inc., a fitness professional, presenter, and author as well as a business and life coach for the Todd Durkin Mastermind program.

Larry is also a retired naval reserve officer and a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy.

He holds an MA in Corporate Fitness Administration and an MBA from the University of San Diego.

As a coach, Larrry has inspired, motivated and encouraged people to grow and do their best. He has two grown children: Joe and Lauren, and one grandson Luca.

important Topics

  • What his book is all about and the motivation on why he wrote it
  • Benefits people get on reading his book
  • 10 forms of wealth that give template to live a life of harmony and vibrancy
  • What made him pursue this relationship with Gayle
  • Did writing 126 days 11 minutes help him through the grieving process
  • Why was the Argentine Tango an important theme
  • The tool that helps him to move through fear


"It's never too late to love somebody."
"Time is priceless, life is fragile."

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