How to Rock Your Way to Recovery - with Sonny Mayo

force for good Oct 06, 2021


How to Rock Your Way to Recovery - with Sonny Mayo Sonny Mayo spent most of his adult life as a guitarist, major-label recording artist, and music producer.

In 2013 he joined his former bandmate in the non-profit org, Rock to Recovery®.

Sonny is a board member, brand ambassador, and program administrator for Rock to Recovery®, as well as a Breathwork facilitator.

In his work, he uses music as a catalyst for human transformation by writing and recording original songs with people in various stages of recovery; ranging from substance use disorder to veterans with PTSD, mental health issues and more.

Important Topics 

  • What music as medicine means
  • How music helps pull people through the tough times
  • On his transition from his substance use disorder
  • His advice to his teenage self before he started substance abuse
  • On his daily routine and habit -What his favorite room is and why
  • What rad is about
  • His relationship with his sister
  • How is he a “Force For Good” in the world


 “This medicinal value of playing music is what we harness in rock to recovery.”

“Recovery lies is based in spiritual practice.”

“Be rad!”

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