How to Recover from a Complete Loss - with Geeta Sidhu Robb

freedom fighter Mar 09, 2022


Geeta aids in impacting the lives of 1000's of hard working, uber busy professionals to live with less stress, perform better and achieve insane success all whilst keeping a strong physical and mental balance.

Tools Geeta uses to move past fear and into being more fierce and on path:

  • My gratitude for my life’s work fills me with an unceasing drive to learn more and gain a deeper knowledge of the body’s workings.
  • I know that it’s not always easy to change your life, but it’s infinitely better to make positive changes voluntarily before a massive personal or health crisis forces you into it.
  • It’s time to find a new way to think.
  • There’s a way out of this old way of being.

Important Topics 

  • Recovering from losing everything
  • Resiliency
  • Accountability


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Instagram: @noshdetox
Instagram: @geetasidhurobb

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