How to Reboot Your Nervous System - with Kylie McConnell

health positive disruptors Oct 21, 2020

Kylie McConnell helps entrepreneurs that are secretly stressed or stuck to reboot their nervous system so they can come alive, feel calm, and fully enjoy their success.

She’s been mentoring entrepreneurs for about a decade because she truly believes entrepreneurs, creatives and leaders have very special and important things to share with this world, and they can’t do that when they’re stressed, stuck, anxious, or exhausted.

At the Enlivened Entrepreneur retreat, and during 1-on-1 work, she uses tools like transformational bodywork, trauma-release techniques, and a micronutrient technology that helps reactivate dormant DNA to help entrepreneurs in fully coming alive.

Through rebooting the body, brain, and nervous system she’s helped hundreds of leaders to truly feel and enjoy all the success that they’ve built.

Important Topics

  • What secretly stressed means
  • Transformational body wok
  • Trauma-release techniques
  • How she creates her life
  • How her space creates energy
  • Her favorite room in her home and why
  • The moment she felt dis-empowered
  • Clearing the cache of your subconscious
  • Micronutrient technology


"The more excuses or permission slips that I can have everywhere the better."
"If it doesn't bring joy or pleasure it doesn't have a space in my life."

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