How to Re Design Your Inner Space - With Paul Sokolski

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Born out of the universe, and thrusted into this physical mass called body, not knowing much but yet everything, when the language of love radiated his every being, Paul Sokolski, creator of Re-Design Your Inner Space, going from interior decorating homes to interior decorating hearts. Visionary leader, Author and Transformational Specialist, bringing people back home from within, and reconnecting them to the freedom that remains our birthright.

Self-made since 19 years of age, Paul has been blessed to share some amazing stages with high level coaches and work with the top 1% of the world, from Royal Family in the Middle East, Presidents, and top leading People in the personal development space.

His greatest lesson: “It’s not what you do, but rather, what you become, that creates your Legacy.”

Tools Paul uses to move past fear and into being more fierce and on path:

  • Meditation
  • Observation
  • Quality questions

Important Topics 

  •  When he felt disempowered by relationships.
  • Being fully in his power when he learned to fall in love with himself

Connect with Paul

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IG @Paul_Sokolski

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