How to Raise Awareness About Female Genital Mutilation FGM - with Dr Rose Sakuda

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Dr. Rose Sakuda is the founder and CEO of Dr. Rose's Secret Place. She was born and raised in Rift Valley province of Kenya.

Her mission is to advocate for awareness of the problem of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and to educate the girl child.

At the age of thirteen, she went through FGM and it didn't affect her until she gave birth to her first daughter.

At first, she thought it was just a normal rite of passage but seeing her daughter go through it, she immediately realized it wasn't right. It was physically, emotionally, and mentally traumatizing.

In 2002, Dr. Rose decided to start a foundation that will help raise awareness about what FGM is, the effects of the practice and also give a voice to those who can't advocate for themselves.

Important Topics 

  • How Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) presented in her culture
  • What Dr. Rose does in her foundation to help and have more awareness of it
  • Her experience when she was shunned by her community when she began talking about FGM
  • What made her decide that it’s her calling that she needed to do something about FGM
  • Her achievements in her foundation
  • How people can get some support
  • How a person moves through traumatic experiences
  • On the cultural changes that are happening
  • What are the things she does to build herself up to be able to continue with her work
  • What her favorite room is and why
  • How she is a “Force For Good” in the world


 “What I have gone through in my life was not easy. So I feel like if I went through this and my daughter went through this, why can’t I talk and also advocate and create awareness for the other girls?”

“Education is the key, and if you don’t change, then the change will change you.”

“If you educate one girl, you educate the whole community around the world.”

Connect with Dr Rose

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