How to Pull Your Confidence and Mindset That Leads to Success - with Sarah Apgar

force for good motivation Aug 11, 2021


Sarah Apgar is the Founder of FitFighter, a strength solution for everyone ages 8-80!

She originally designed her signature training tool, the Steelhose, featured in 2020 on ABC’s Shark Tank, to train firefighters better for the rigors of the job.

Sarah is an Iraq War Veteran, an All-American Collegiate Athlete, Fitness Professional, former Volunteer Firefighter, and mom of 2 little girls.

In addition to her primetime Shark Tank debut, Sarah and FitFighter have been featured in Rolling Stone, Men's Health, Muscle and Fitness, ABC News, and Oxygen Magazine, and performed for clients the likes of ESPN, FDNY, and the United States Military.

Sarah lives in Port Washington NY with her husband, Ben Smith, a plastic and reconstructive surgeon, her two young daughters, Emory and Arlyn, and puppy Louisiana.

Important Topics 

  • What Steelhose is and what it looks like
  • How she came up with this concept
  • What she says to moms on how they can start and embrace more into life
  • The behind the scenes when she’s on Shark Tank
  • How was she able to pull her confidence and mindset that leads to success
  • On her having great amateur and professional growth
  • Her crazy experience in military
  • What her superpowers and how she focused on them
  • How her daughters became their own people
  • What her favorite room is
  • and why -How is she a "Force For Good" in the world


“We have to get up and we have to start moving. We have to get involved and engage. We have to stand with a strong posture.”

“I believe that you can be both joyful and highly competitive all the same time.”

“Everybody should think through what their superpowers are and then really deliver on them because we have a lot of weaknesses and limitations too.”

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