How to Prioritize Self Care - with MaryAnn Birkbeck!

happiness positive disruptors Dec 02, 2020

MaryAnn Birkbeck is a Lifestyle Expert and believe that self-care should be essential, exquisite and a priority.

She believes that we have the chance to have one brilliant life that we get to curate so that we live a life we don't want to escape from. MaryAnn also uses the personality typing tool, the Enneagram in her life coaching practice.

MaryAnn considers herself a late bloomer whose time is now and wants to empower women to live their best life now - not put it off.

Important Topics

  • Her specific self-care tips
  • Stop tolerating people
  • Edit your circle of influence to reflect who you want to be
  • How she used Enneagram in her life coaching practice
  • Her interpretation of fear
  • The disempowering period of her life


"If you don't put yourself first, no one else will!"
"If you face the fear, it will make you stronger."

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