How to Navigate With Your Heart - with Sharon Marie Cline!

happiness positive disruptors Dec 30, 2020

Internationally acclaimed vocalist Sharon Marie Cline has become a favorite in the Southern California jazz club scene and abroad. She performs with the finest jazz musicians and in the most exclusive rooms on the west coast and across the country.

Elegant song styling capped by a sultry smoky voice, this jazz siren harkens back to the vintage days of Sarah Vaughan and Phyllis Hyman, yet offers a fresh, contemporary touch to the beloved American Songbook and Broadway standards. Though a Los Angeles-based songstress, she is in constant demand throughout the country, and is customarily backed by a group brazenly dubbed “The Bad Boyz of Jazz.”

Originally from Jacksonville, Florida, Sharon has shared the stage with such illustrious artists as Tony Bennett, Nancy Wilson and Chris Botti. Her critically acclaimed album This Is Where I Wanna Be has enjoyed extensive international airplay, paying tribute to not only the American Songbook and Broadway but includes a few magical original pieces as well.

Important Topics

  • What got her into music
  • Her challenges as an artist
  • Her experience the first time she's on stage
  • Her journey toward finding, holding onto, fighting for and then revealing in her expression as an authentic voice and artist in a world that doesn't always recognize or celebrate purity and authenticity
  • On her heart movement
  • The things she do that consciously creates her life
  • Talking about fear in her journey How the pandemic impacted the music industry


"The heart is the compass for your life."
"When you allow your heart to navigate your life, you can never go wrong."

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