How to Manifest True Women's Empowerment and Positive Growth - with Shannon Parsons

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Shannon Parsons is an empathetic leader whose experience is a unique blend of transformational leadership mixed with a delivery mechanism of a heart-centered structure.

As a Transformational Coach & Facilitator, Shannon has partnered with some of the largest organizations in the world as a Speaker, Facilitator, and Trainer to Executives, Entrepreneurs and Business Organizations who are ready to level up their expertise.

Known fondly by senior executives as “The Secret Weapon” - Shannon is often behind the scenes and on the stage as a key emcee and host.

Most recently, Shannon launched Secret Knock Women, an event dedicated to focusing on true women’s empowerment and positive growth.

Important Topics 

  • What true women’s empowerment is and her inspiration for Secret Knock Women
  • What are the key things that allow women to be more cooperative versus competitive
  • What GUS is about and the inspiration behind it
  • How she consciously creates her life
  • How she moves past fear and the technique she uses
  • Disempowering moments that lead her to stand in her power
  • On having joy and passion for learning
  • What her favorite room is and why
  • How she is a “Force For Good” in the world  


 “I want to create a space where women can come together and be supported by the strong men in our lives.”

“I let GUS drive the bus. I let the opportunities fall in my lap and then I say yes.”

“We know that so much can happen in our lives for us when we have the attitude of gratitude.”

When you’re appreciating something, the big things become the little things and the little things don’t matter.”

“Emotions are energy and motions, so the idea is to let it move through you.”

“Every single person who’s here on this planet has survived 100% of everything they’ve ever been through.”

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