How to Make Your Tech Idea a Reality - with Jared Yellin

force for good motivation Sep 29, 2021


Jared Yellin is the CEO and Co-Founder of 10X Incubator with Grant Cardone. As a non-techy tech Co-Founder of dozens of companies, Jared brings an extremely unique perspective to launching tech companies that cash flow and scale rapidly.

With his ability to build a team, create a culture of excellence, and lead a movement of fellow tech co-founders, he has become most known for his commitment to successfully launch 10,000 tech companies in 10 years.

Important Topics 

  • How he lives his empowered life
  • How he claims freedom for himself How does fear come into play with decision making -What yes equals transformation means
  • On his values in his family Why people don’t progress personally and professionally
  • What his favorite room is and why
  • What marketing with no money means
  • How he transfers knowledge to other people
  • His advice to entrepreneurs who feels like they have to do it all themselves
  • The distinction between easy-hard vs hard-easy path
  • On having a clear intention
  • The Project that he’s working on that fuels him the most
  • How is he a “Force For Good” in the world 


 “Be the leader that you want your child to be.”

“Stay in your flame. Know your flame and then find somebody else whose flame is not yours and creates a freaking bonfire together.”

“Don’t allow being burnt in the past to impact you being burn in the future because the next burn might be that fire that’s going to light your world up.”

Every action requires an intention. Because an action without an intention leads to a result without achievement, and results are by chance and achievements are by choice.” “

Results are by chance achievements are by choice.”

“Don’t let your greatest idea go to the graveyard with you.”

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