How To Live Your Best Life - with Mary Dee

happiness positive disruptors Jul 22, 2020

Mary Dee is an Executive Advisor and the Chief Fun Officer at the Mad Love Agency.

Mary has been helping entrepreneurs solve their biggest problems and lead international world class organizations for over 20 years.

From start-up to scale up, she's helped companies grow from an idea on paper to 8-figure success through leadership and operational excellence.

Mary has survived breast cancer as well as a lawsuit with the FTC.

She loves philanthropical ventures, speaking engagements, and dedicates a large chunk of her time as a Founding Board member for, a charity created to support and encourage community for young women who are affected by reproductive cancers.

She enjoys world travel, has a husband of 11 years, 2 furry babies, and will try anything twice!

Look for her new book, Just Eat the Pie; A Guide for Living Your Best Life” which goes up for pre-sale this summer.

Important Topics

  • Mary's disempowering moments and how she find her own power
  • On listening her intuition How she stays positive
  • Her philosophy on trying things twice
  • Place she's going to travel after pandemic
  • Her favorite room in her home and why
  • What her book is all about
  • Practicalities on getting over fears


"Don't beat ourselves up too much over all the decisions and things that need to happen in life."
"We can change our story anytime we want to."

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