How to Live a Life With Happiness and Fulfillment - with Trey Kauffman

force for good happiness Oct 13, 2021


Trey Kauffman is an entrepreneur, a podcaster, and an advocate for demanding better for ourselves.

His goal is to empower others to look inward and find the happiness they deserve.

His spiritual awakening occurred after realizing others don't hold the key to his happiness, and through ridding himself of corporate toxicity, he was able to build a business and life he can reflect on daily with extreme gratitude. 

 Important Topics 

  • His definition of happiness
  • What are the limits he set around happiness
  • On happiness as getting to a place of being contented
  • How he captures his memory
  • What he does to move past fear
  • What learning means to him -His insights around change and his mentality of doing better
  • How he came about stoicism
  • What his favorite room is and why
  • How corporate toxicity impacted his work environment What every conversation that he has is the best conversation of his life means
  • How is he a “Force For Good” in the world


 “Happiness is so holistic."

“The only person that I need to be better than is the person who I was yesterday.”

“If we’re not learning every single day we’re not going to grow.”

“We have the opportunity within this life to feel fulfillment and to feel contentment.”

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