How to Identify Your Magnificence - with Maya Comerota Stewart

force for good motivation Jan 06, 2021

Maya Comerota Stewart is a visionary entrepreneur and human potential pioneer with a mission to unlock human potential and make seemingly impossible dreams come true.

From building multi-billion dollar initiatives to leading international teams in Fortune 100 Biotech Companies to helping hundreds of thousands of patients with lifelong autoimmune disease, transform their lives to a life of health and wellness.

Maya is an expert at personal innovation and health transformation.

Important Topics

  • How she reclaimed her magnificence
  • The moment she recognized that there is something she needed to change
  • The journey of how she began walking away from what is predictable into her next life
  • What she wants the world to know if she only has a few hours to live
  • What is magnificence
  • Befriending fear
  • How she consciously creates her life Her choice to dream


"Our life is our curriculum."
"Fear is part of the journey."

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