How to Hear God's Voice - with Dr Lee Benton

force for good spiritual Jun 30, 2021


Dr. Lee Benton wears many hats. She's a film and TV actress, and you can check out her IMDB to see her latest films. She just signed to play a role in another faith-based movie.

She has a worldwide ministry, Lee Benton Ministries International, which includes her LA-based monthly church.

On top of that, she is an Award-Winning producer of the TV Show "Victory Road with Lee Benton".

Important Topics 

  • What “I stepped into my power the day I was born” means 
  • Special gift and power that God gave her from birth
  • How she started modeling and her acting career
  • Her experience in the behind-the-scenes aspects of Hollywood
  • What God answers KNEE-mail is about -How she relies on the lord for rest, rejuvenation, and slowing down in order to move forward
  • How God re-energize and renew our spirit, soul, and body
  • Her story of betrayal and how she overcame it
  • How God made us face fear, make us stronger, and equip us for the next big battle
  • What her favorite room is and why
  • The R.S.V.P. prayer


 “God never too busy to care about every little thing about your life. He’s into the little things. It’s the little things that matter.”

“Rejection is God’s hands of protection over you. It’s his spirit of protection, not rejection.”

“I believe in shutting down and being still so that we can hear the voice of God.”

“Not everyone who’s in your circle is in your corner.”

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