How to Have Mental Health Awareness - with Marjorie Morrison!

force for good Sep 15, 2021


Marjorie Morrison is CEO and co-founder of Psych Hub, the world’s most comprehensive multi-media platform for mental health education.

Psych Hub connects people with trauma-informed, clinically sound, and culturally aware content delivered in different ways to meet learners where they're at.

Along with co-founder Patrick J Kennedy, their mission is to move Behavioral health providers from generalists to specialists through upskilling and certifying them on evidence-based practice, allowing for more intelligent matching for those seeking care.

Prior Morrison was founder & CEO of PsychArmor, a 501(c)3 hosting free online courses in the military-veteran space. Morrison is a licensed psychotherapist, author and has received numerous awards.

Important Topics 

  • Her advice to the people who are struggling with mental health
  • The impacts that are happening on mental health for children
  • How to avoid the things that are triggering
  • The ways that she consciously creates her life
  • What her favorite room is and why
  • What are the things she did to move past fear
  • Her disempowering experience when she first entered the military veteran space
  • On her best moment
  • How she and her partner started Psych Hub
  • What to look for at Psych Hub
  • How is she a “Force For Good” in the world 


 “There are different people for different needs.”

“We all need to be educated.”

“If you get educated and you learn what to do then you can go out and seek the right kind of help and you’ll know those warning signs.”

“Confidence is the side effect of hustle.”

“The more successes you have, the more confident you have to take more risks.”

“The story we tell ourselves are seeds and if we keep telling ourselves these stories, they'll grow.”

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