How to have Courageous Conversations - with Rick Oneal

leadership positive disruptors Apr 01, 2020

In this episode, Diane talked to Rick Oneal of Team Aha.

Rick enjoys A-Ha moments and the clarity that creates.

Rick has been training and coaching leaders for over two decades now.

Rick is also an international speaker. He has presented keynotes, breakout sessions, and spiritual inspirations. He is the past president of Foundations for Tomorrow and has been a lead facilitator for the past ten years.


  • His favorite question On having two conversations going on all the time
  • Practices that can help people generate more positive thoughts
  • His "pin the tail on the donkey” analogy
  • The idea of creating a contract with yourself
  • On choosing courage
  • His disempowering moments
  • How to be more courageous when having a difficult conversation
  • Things that empower him


"When we choose to have those courageous conversations or difficult conversations, usually the relationship is better."

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