How to Find Passion in Event Planning and Serving the Veterans - with Sallay Kim

force for good Nov 17, 2021


Sallay Kim is a retired US Army Intelligence officer and current Principal of Serenity Event Solutions, an event planning company in San Diego, California, offering Peace of Mind, Every Time!

Her commitment extends beyond planning day-to-day events as she volunteers her time and efforts as the President of the Miramar National Cemetery Support Foundation fundraising to beautify the final resting place of our Nation’s heroes, along with giving her time to the Veterans Association of North County for their monthly food drive serving the veterans of Oceanside.

When she’s not planning the way of the world, Sallay enjoys traveling it along with spending quality time with her husband and fur baby. She’s a diehard Washington, DC sports fan, loves to read, is an avid (indoor) cyclist, boxer, and part-time golfer who enjoys making the most of her time with deliberate connections with her husband, family and friends.

Important Topics 

  • Why giving back to the veteran community is her passion 
  • What are the challenges she experienced in making the transition from military service into the entrepreneurial world
  • How she kept her company when Covid-19 hit
  • What are the platforms she’s utilizing to stay engaged with their audiences • How her event management company helps her control her OCD
  • Her most challenging chaotic stories
  • How she perfects her response to fear
  • Who she keeps company with
  • Structures she created to connect with her friends to help in a physical pursuit • What her favorite room is and why
  • How is she a “Force For Good” in the world  


 “Being able to give back to the veteran community is my passion. It’s what I truly love to do." “

If you’re not in command, you’re planning somebody else’s command."

“The way that you ensure success is practice, practice, practice.”

“If you find the thing that you enjoy, you’ll stick to it."

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