How to Elevate Your Wealth - with Misty Lynch

force for good wealth Mar 24, 2021


Misty is a certified financial planner, certified life coach and investment advisor at Beck Bode.

She helps high achieving women gain confidence and reduce stress around their finances and investing.

She is also the host of the Modern Money with Misty Lynch podcast.

Important Topics 

  • On retraining our mind around money
  • How she became obsessed with learning about money
  • When she had her year of spending freeze
  • On making better decisions
  • How the people around her influenced financially
  • On failing 25 times a quarter and how it supports her
  • Her thoughts on overwhelm is an indulgent emotion
  • What is her favorite room and why
  • Disempowering moment in her life and how she empower it
  • How is she being a force for good in the world?


 "Most of the time you learn how to make it and spend it but a lot of us never really learn how to think about it."

"It's a personal decision when you decide you want to make a change."

"Sometimes we don't get the things we want and we don't realize at the time that that's a blessing."

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