How to Drive Permanent Improvement in Your Company - with Marcus Cauchi

force for good wealth Nov 10, 2021


Marcus Cauchi is a go-to man in the United Kingdom who creates an environment for executives, managers and producers to have a seamless and frictionless buying experience throughout their lifetime as a customer.

He does all the nuances, sales, and seamless things that people need to have in the background.

Marcus works with CEOs, VPs of Sales & Marketing & Channel Chiefs of Technology vendors who recognize that success is not a function of having hundreds of salespeople or dozens of channel partners who occasionally uncover a piece of business, but rather it’s a function of having a handful of select salespeople & partners who share a common vision, have common goals, and can be counted on to work collaboratively to effectively, efficiently, and consistently uncover new opportunities.

Important Topics 

  • How he creates a safe, risk-free environment for a company
  • On establishing the right kind of environment
  • On being clear about who your ideal customer is
  • On looking at the type of organization that grow fast
  • What “any approach has done well work” means
  • Why loyalty extends from the trust
  • What does a company do to turn things around
  • On Price's Law that business owners should be aware off
  • What his favorite room is and why -How is he a “Force For Good” in the world 


 “I believe you should be co-developing your solutions with your best customers.”

“Service is about giving to others first and in return getting something back.”

“To get more, give more.”

“If you show up with the wrong intent none of them work well.”

“Listen to your customer and find out what it is that they need.”

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