How to Dial Up the Voice You Need - with Dr Fern White

positive disruptors spiritual Jul 29, 2020

Dr. Fern White is a “mumma”, dental surgeon, boss-lady, yoga and embodiment teacher, high performance coach and keynote speaker.

She coaches and mentors hundreds of female dentists and doctors from the USA, Canada, Australia, NZ, Europe and UK through her online programs, retreats and workshops on how to STOP STRESS and MAKE MORE of their life: abundance, joy, energy.

She is obsessed with helping medicine women bring the FEM into the healing space of western medicine and to help themselves first in order to heal their patients with heart, and lead their teams with heart.

Important Topics:

  • What fuels her obsession on helping medicine women
  • On her disempowering moment and how she claim her power
  • How she shifted from masculine way of doing business to a more feminine way
  • Dialing up the voice you need
  • Her favorite room and why
  • Talking about her current course, "Free Your Face"


"The control that I can take back is to actually heal."
"Pleasure is one of the greatest antidotes to stress."

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