How to Design a Living Space That Transforms Healing - with Susan Wintersteen

force for good Jun 23, 2021


In 2002, Susan founded Savvy Interiors, an interior design firm with its own general contractor license.

This talented, fun-loving company caters to discerning clients across the SoCal region with award-winning service and innovative design.

Susan is a straight-shooting, fast-paced award-winning creative, who’s all about making life an adventure.

She balances her time as Creative Director and Principal designer between San Diego with her husband where they’ve raised their 5 daughters and their love for Incline Village, Lake Tahoe.

In 2021 her nonprofit, Savvy Giving by Design, has expanded into 15 states.

Important Topics 

  • How she started her business in 2002
  • Why changing your environment also change the way you live
  • When tough love comes in when it comes to design
  • On being honest with your client
  • What people most interested in shifting in their space
  • On taking a leap of faith and taking a calculated risk
  • How she moves through fear smoothly
  • How Savvy Interiors and Savvy Giving by Design came about
  • What are the challenges of running a business as a woman
  • The difference and similarities in running her business
  • Programs and initiatives that they working on right now
  • What her favorite room is and why
  • How is she a “Force For Good” in the world


“I am a risk-taker. I’m not afraid of failure. I fail all the time. I make mistakes all the time.“

“Taking risk is really important to precipitate change.”

“The road to failure is actually on the road to success.” 

Connect with Susan

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