How to Create a Social Impact - with Tracy Melchior

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Tracy has had a successful soap opera career with contract roles on Aaron Spelling's Sunset Beach, One Life to Live and the global phenomenon The Bold and the Beautiful.

Currently, Tracy can be seen on the new BET hit series Games People Play with Lauren London. And in the beauty campaign for the product Xeomin with Christie Brinkley.

In the series finale of the longtime running hit show, Criminal Minds on CBS Tracy makes a guest appearance.

Her feature film Do You Believe with Mira Sorvino was #1 in DVD sales on Amazon and top 10 in National Box Office for 3 weeks.

Tracy has appeared on Good Morning America, FOX NEWS and CNN advocating for causes she believes in. In addition to acting, she has authored the testimonial book "Breaking the Perfect 10" and has been a hockey correspondent for Fox Sports West.

 She is producing a documentary called MONOCHROME, a social impact film about bridging the divide between police and community.

When not acting Tracy is an avid equestrian and has placed top 10 Nationally in three categories in 2018. This skill has allowed her to do horse stunts on several projects.

She resides outside of Los Angeles with her husband, two sons, a dog, and a horse.

Important Topics 

  • Why she started Monochrome - a Documentary film
  • Why it’s dangerous to feel fear and how she addressed it
  • How she met her husband -What’s their secret to having an enduring relationship -How the film “Do You Believe?” impacted her life
  • Why she wrote the book Breaking the Perfect 10
  • Disempowering moments she went through and her biggest lesson
  • The difference between pleasure and joy
  • How she speaks to young girls who are not safe even in their home
  • What is her favorite room and why -How is she a “Force For Good” in the world


 "When an animal is cornered or fearful, it’s more dangerous.”
“Seek things that bring you joy, not pleasure, and learn to differentiate the two.”

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