How to Create a Dream Life Without Sacrificing What You Love - With Laura Dibenedetto

freedom fighter Jan 12, 2022


TEDx Speaker, #1 Bestselling author of The Six Habits and Life Mastery Coach, Laura teaches how to create the life of our dreams without sacrificing what we love. As Founder and CEO of Vision Advertising, a company that she built aged 19, she has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs build and grow profitable enterprises entirely on their terms

Important Topics 

  • Her daily routines
  • Laura’s favorite room
  • Putting her phone down often in order to listen to herself.
  • The Six Habit


  • I’m a person who craves variety. Routine is not something I embrace!
  • I like to end my day with Gratitude because it sets the tone for the next day.
  • Not just thank you for my husband, but WHY.
  • Create your own magic!

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