How to Build the Largest National Anti Human Trafficking Organization - with Kristi Wells

force for good positive disruptors Apr 28, 2021


Kristi Wells is the CEO and co-founder of the Safe House Project.

She is also a wife to a 19-year navy pilot, mom to 3 vivacious kiddos, and an ardent defender of the vulnerable!

This week, Kristi talks about how they built the Safe House Project and the community-based training called OnWatch.

Learn more about her life strategy, some setbacks when they started the organization, and her WHYs to eradicate trafficking.

Important Topics 

  • How she came to be on this path
  • Why people misunderstand what trafficking looks like in America
  • The community-based training called OnWatch -Why a survivor needs restorative care
  • Changes that she needed to adopt for being a military spouse
  • Why they built the Safe House Project
  • On having a God-Size Vision -Seeking to understand before responding
  • The importance of having a life strategy
  • What she does to move past fear in her journey
  • How she pushes through setbacks
  • What her favorite room is and why
  • How is she a "Force For Good" in the world


 "I believe that the first step to break that cycle of violence is identifying those who are currently being victimized."

"We also realize that we have strength and sometimes those gaps are opportunities for additional service and we have to use our strengths for service."

"We are eradicating child sex slavery in America and we are serving Survivors one heart at a time."

Connect with Kristi

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