How to Break the Cycle of Abuse - with Trish Steele

force for good motivation Jun 16, 2021


Trish Steele, Founder & CEO of three non-profits charities called Women Crowned in Glory-Safe Passage Heals and Time2Heal. She is an author, model, beauty consultant and spokesperson.

Trish brings great awareness to the issues of domestic violence, and she is a great example of how an abused woman can be restored to start a new life of success.

Trish drew upon her own past experience with domestic violence, overcoming all forms of abuse, and hopelessness.

With the help of many experts who gave their time and services, she was able to rebuild her life and break the cycle of abuse.

Today, she is a legend with over 50 years as an advocate against abuse.

Important Topics 

  • Her early childhood abuse experience and how she breaks the cycle
  • Her turning point to make the first step
  • Her program in the process of the stepping stones to a new life on helping women become more powerful
  • How spirituality comes into her healing process
  • How “Time2Heal” came about
  • Trish's event that's coming up to help people build their confidence and regain their joy
  • The promise of God


 “You have to come to realize that it is not right for any woman or person to be treated abusively and violently or disrespectful, or any the things that make us feel unworthy.”

“Each person has a different set of tools they need to become healed, whole, and successful.”

“God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.”

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