How to be a Servant Leader - with Dr Nido Qubein

force for good leadership Apr 07, 2021


Dr. Nido Qubein serves as president of High Point University where he has increased enrollment by 245%, grown net assets from $56M to almost a billion dollars, created six new academic schools, and attracted $500 million in philanthropic investments.

Qubein has led HPU’s enrollment this year to a record-breaking 5,600 students. Even in the midst of the nation’s COVID-19 challenges, HPU’s total enrollment grew by 5.6%. HPU’s graduate programs now enroll 1,000 students.

Prior to his role as HPU president, Dr. Qubein rose to prominence as an internationally known author and consultant who has given 7,500 presentations worldwide.

He serves on the corporate boards of Fortune 500 companies, including Truist, La-Z-boy, and nThrive Healthcare. Qubein is also executive chairman of the Great Harvest Bread Company.

Important Topics 

  • Dr. Qubein's story and how he got to where he is today
  • How he keeps himself and his students focus on important things
  • How he creates appreciated value to others
  • What is life skill and why it's important for young people
  • On walking in the shoes to the person you try to serve
  • On knowing the difference between audience and market
  • What ways he sees himself being the best these days
  • What are his favorite rooms and why
  • His favorite person to spend time with
  • On the aspects of a spirituality and divine guidance
  • How is he a Force For Good in the world?


"There's no such thing as unrealistic dreams, only unrealistic timelines."

"Who you spend time with is who you become."

"What you choose is what you get."

"Everything I do I only do it to excellence."

"I don't dwell on the past. I'm always focused on the future while I appreciate the present and enjoy it and learn from the past."

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