How to Be A Humble Alpha - With Steven Kuhn

freedom fighter happiness leadership Jan 05, 2022


Steven Kuhn is a consultant, author and speaker who has been hand-picked to consult with some of the most influential people in the world (rock stars, singers, actors, business leaders and politicians) about how to expand their brand, build value and loyalty and develop strategies for increasing beneficial relationships and achieving true Quality of Life (QOL).

Steven hails from Pennsylvania USA. He served in the U.S. Army from 1986 -1993 in Germany and one tour as a Sergeant in Iraq during Operation Desert Storm.

After his Honorable Discharge, Steven continued to live in Europe where he later became a best-selling author, a multi-country business turnaround leader, Political Consultant and completed his MBA at the prestigious Bradford University School of Business Management in Leeds, U.K.

Important Topics 

  • Steven’s background and military service
  • The realization that led him to look from a different perspective
  • The Humble Alpha Paradigm Shift
  • How to radiate your true power
  • Unleashing your authentic identity, purpose
  • Moving forward in life with absolute certainty
  • Ensuring epic Quality of Life and lethal leadership
  • Things he does in the business world
  • The one common and unifying factor in all countries
  • How is he a “Freedom Fighter 


“Adopt the Humble Alpha leadership operating system and radiate your true power”

“In all of the countries I’ve been in, there’s one unifying factor and that’s Quality of Life. It’s Universal.”

“What does freedom mean to YOU? It’s different for each person.”

"I'll set the goal, build it out, reverse engineer it." 

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